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photo by Takashi Ito

Atom' is a story told without words about a relationship between a man and a woman, over the years, the man becomes domineering and the woman becomes submissive.
During a routine dinner, a violent process of change starts.
The show is inspired by the movement of an atom (one of the elements of a substance) 
and attempts to equate substance and relationship when they are affected by the forces of attraction and repulsion.

The performance "Atom" combines between various disciplines such as dance, theater, shadow work, music and animation.
Each discipline serves a different element in the piece.
The dance reflects the abstract and the dream, the black and white animation collaborated with the shadows of the performers generates the world of the couple, the home, the element of the theater shows the complete story, through it we will see the changes that apply in the characters and the music will wrap all the elements together and weave the atmosphere.

Part of the show 'Atom' appeared in Israel at 'Clipa Aduma' festival on February 2012, at 'Intimadance' festival in Tmuna Theater on July 2012 and in The International Exposure Of Israeli Theater 2012.
Duration: 50min

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