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Neither Soft Nor Light

My creation stems out of my biography.
It may derive from my religious education, or the fact that I served in the army as a combat soldier,
and it may simply be that I grew up in a family of eleven children, and therefore I keep choosing to stand in the opposition.
I am constantly drawn to the winding paths and the unpaved roads.
I turn to the dance with a prayer to heal by it, to shake out old pains,
to create a new context for my being and to exercise my freedom
and spread the faith.


Creator and performer: Dror Liberman.

Artistic Direction: Idit Herman.

Choreographic consult: Asher Ben-Shalom.

Concept Developmant Partner: Netta Wieser.

Rehearsal Direction: Kazuyo Shionoiri.

The piece produced with the support of Pais Council for the Arts and Culture.

phoyo by Din Aharoni

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