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Happy and Lucky

'Happy and Lucky' formulates an impossible fusion between the ordinary and the fantastic, the sublime and the despicable - a combination of our deepest anxieties and most incongruous dreams which together create a glamorously crooked set of scenes and interactions.


Choreography, performance, stage and costume design:
Dror Liberman and Kazuyo Shionoiri

Dramaturgy: Tal Yahas


Music: “Happy and Lucky”

Lyrics: Dror Liberman and Kazuyo Shionoiri

Musical production: Simi Lee Jones


"Appears to be happening in no man's land out of time and space, where a narrative that's on the seam between dark and funny is built, full of fantastic imagery also on the material level, like Shionori's almost fully in plaster character and Liberman's 'Chain Man'" (Idit Suslik, "City Mouse")

"Shionori is one of the strong and determined performers in her field [...] Liberman has proven as having impressive talent and rare endurance” (Ora Brafman, "Dancetalk")

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